Indoor Sports Facilities

Finding the ideal lighting for your sports facilities is an aspect that may not get as much attention as choosing your playing surfaces and changing facilities, but the right lighting offers a key addition to any facility. With the popularity of sports in the evenings throughout the year, many sports facilities will need to maintain the right lighting levels for many hours a day, both conducive to visibility and offering efficient energy usage.

This is exactly where modern LED lighting options can offer the ideal solution for your sports facilities, providing major reductions in your ongoing energy bills while also offering a superior lighting quality. Additionally, the fact that LED bulbs last many times as long as their halogen and incandescent alternatives, as well as being much less likely to shatter, greatly reduces the chance of any disruption to sports playing time.

Our range of high-quality LED options provide the ideal sports facility lighting solution, able to reduce your energy bills from the moment they’re installed. This, combined with the fact that you’ll be able to find exactly the right quality and tone of lighting for the sports activities you are illuminating, make them the lighting option of the future. The fact that they’re also shatterproof is an added benefit for a setting with sports balls flying around.

Here at the Lampadina Group, we stock an excellent variety of LED lighting choices at and provide clients with a consistent source of value and quality. With more than 25 years of experience in providing leading lighting solutions, we’re known for a level of proficiency that offers real confidence.

In addition to offering lighting quality and reduced energy bills, we are also passionate about providing lighting choices that are also environmentally friendly and conscious of sustainability. One of our core aims is helping our clients to combat the environmental crisis that we face. We’re delighted to be able to do that with the modern lighting benefits of LEDs which also reduce energy costs while enhancing lighting quality.

We appreciate that an overhaul of the current lighting choice at your indoor sports facility can seem like a big undertaking, so we provide some helpful finance options. This allows you to pay for your LED purchase in instalments, all while benefiting from the energy bill savings from the moment you install them. It’s not uncommon for our business clients to actually have bigger savings than they pay in instalments!

Browse our LED range today and we’re confident you’ll be able to find some excellent options for your setting. To chat in more detail about finding the right modern lighting solution for your indoor sports facility, call us on 0151 6620042 or fill in our website contact form. One of our friendly experts will be in touch about your lighting needs.

Recommended Products


100w LED UFO High Bay. Direct replacement for traditional 250w low/high bays utilising the finest Philips LED and Mean Well driver.


150w LED UFO High Bay. Direct replacement for traditional 250w low/high bays when you want that extra illumination utilising the finest Philips LED and Mean Well driver.


200w LED UFO High Bay. Direct replacement for traditional fittings up to 400w utilising the finest Philips LED and Mean Well driver.

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