Industrial Facilities

When it comes to industrial facilities, you’ll want to use a modern lighting option that can offer safety, reliability and consistent lighting quality. The latest LED lighting options offer these qualities in abundance, but at the same time they provide an energy efficiency that lets you lower your energy usage and bills.

We understand that for any individual or company looking for their ideal industrial facility lighting, you’ll be trying to balance the need for business productivity with reducing output costs. LED lighting can last longer and offer a robust shatterproof durability, all while using 6 to 8 times less energy than comparable lighting alternatives.

Our high-quality range of LED lighting allows you to get all of those benefits for your industrial facility, available in a range of sizes, styles and colour tones and all at highly competitive prices. This makes them a fantastic industrial facility lighting option for  range of different settings, with many of our clients finding LEDs to be the ideal fit. They are becoming an increasingly preferred solution for the vast majority of industrial settings.

Here at the Lampadina Group, we focus on LED lighting, as we are committed to offering lighting choices that not only provide superior quality and save money, but are simultaneously beneficial in terms of sustainability. We’re committed to supporting businesses in finding environmental-friendly solutions, but we pride ourselves on being able to  reduce your energy costs and offer superior lighting quality at the same time.

The right lighting for your industrial facility can offer a host of benefits, but we recognise that replacing your existing lighting can be a major undertaking, hence our range of finance plans. This allows you to pay for your new LED lighting in instalments, but at the same time benefit from your energy bill reductions and increased lighting quality immediately. Many of our clients have found they actually save more than their monthly instalments cost.

We have a stock of excellent LED lighting solutions here at which enable us to provide our clients with a wide variety of quality options. Having built up a track record of more than 25 years in providing modern lighting solutions, we’ve got the type of extensive experience that offers proven quality.

Take a look over our LED range today and you’ll be met with a range of excellent options for your location. To talk to us in more detail about selecting the best modern lighting solution for your industrial facility, you can give us a call on 0151 6620042. Alternatively, complete our website contact form and one of our expert team will be in touch to discuss your lighting needs.

Recommended Products


100w LED UFO High Bay. Direct replacement for traditional 250w low/high bays utilising the finest Philips LED and Mean Well driver.


150w LED UFO High Bay. Direct replacement for traditional 250w low/high bays when you want that extra illumination utilising the finest Philips LED and Mean Well driver.


200w LED UFO High Bay. Direct replacement for traditional fittings up to 400w utilising the finest Philips LED and Mean Well driver.

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