Parking Garages

Lighting a parking garage comes with various considerations, with one of the key factors being energy efficiency. We recognise that providing a large multi-storey facility with 24/7 lighting is an undertaking with significant energy costs, which is why LEDs provide such a welcome option. The fact that LED lighting can provide a superior quality of light, coupled with vastly reduced energy usage compared to other lighting, makes them an ideal fit.

The innovations offer by the modern LED range makes for a fantastic parking garage lighting option, allowing you to enjoy an immediate reduction in energy bills. In addition to the energy savings, the bulbs are also longer-lasting, more robust and shatterproof, offering a range of safety and security benefits to go with the energy savings. This offers a real peace of mind that even when you’re not at your parking garage, your lights are reliable.

Here at the Lampadina Group, we offer a stellar range of LED lighting options via where we showcase a range that offer great value and quality. Having spent over 25 years in the lighting solutions field, we’re able to offer a level of expertise that you can take confidence in.

All of our lighting meets the required safety standards for professional use, with an extensive network of delivery options from our distribution centres in China and across Europe. Based out of the Wirral, we combine a local focus with a globally respected brand quality, known for providing excellent LED lighting options to many clients.

We are passionate about providing lighting solutions that not only offer lighting quality and money-saving benefits, but are also environmentally and sustainability conscious. We’re committed to helping business to combat the ongoing environmental crisis, but offer you products that mean you can do so while also reducing your energy bills and getting a superior lighting quality.

The right parking garage lighting can provide you with a range of benefits. We understand that an overhaul of your current lighting can seem like a major undertaking, so we offer a range of finance plans. What this means in practice is that you can pay for your lights in instalments, while enjoying the full energy bill reductions from the day of purchase. In many cases, businesses actually save more each month than they pay in instalments.

Take a look across our range today and we’re sure you’ll find some excellent modern lighting options in our LED selection. If you’d like to talk in more detail about selecting your ideal parking garage lighting solution, contact us today on 0151 6620042 or via the contact form on our website. One of our expert team would be happy to chat.

Recommended Products


100w LED UFO High Bay. Direct replacement for traditional 250w low/high bays utilising the finest Philips LED and Mean Well driver.


150w LED UFO High Bay. Direct replacement for traditional 250w low/high bays when you want that extra illumination utilising the finest Philips LED and Mean Well driver.


200w LED UFO High Bay. Direct replacement for traditional fittings up to 400w utilising the finest Philips LED and Mean Well driver.

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